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Four West Trenchless Water & Sewer Solutions

FourWest is Calgary's industry leader in trenchless technology. We are commited to providing homeowners, property management companies and municipalities with exceptionaly qualified specialists to complete your water and sewer project. We work safely, on time, within budget, and with minimal intrusion to your property and landscaping.

The Technology

Trenchless water and sewer replacement is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of property owners in comparison to traditional utility line replacement. With our industry leading technology, we can often complete your entire project in as little as one day and save your landscaping in the process.

Cured In Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)

FourWest uses a CIPP expoxy based saturated tube lining system that is injected into the entire length of pre-existing pipe and expanded using compressed air to conform, reline and repair your existing sewer lines. Once the liner is cured, the CIPP process prevents further degradation and failure of the pipe by sealing existing cracks and root intrusions. The CIPP process can usually be completed within one day and with minimal disruption to your property.

Pipe Bursting

When CIPP technology can not be utilized due to larger cracks or separated joints in your existing pipe, FourWest will use a highly qualified team and a pipe bursting technique. We break the current damaged pipe and simultaneously pull a new high density polyurethane pipe (HDPE) in its place. Sections of the HDPE pipe is welded together using a fusion process, eliminating the conventional use of glued joints and providing protection from future root intrusion or seepage.

This is the choice product for many of our customers as it is less intrusive to your property and you can be ensured that you have a new pipe from your home or business all the way to the city connection.

Conventional Excavation

In the rare or unforeseen case that trenchless technology can not be used due to sags or collapsed sections in your existing pipes. FourWest can utilize our CCTV camera system and locating equipment to directly pin point the problem area within your property, we will then minimally excavate the damaged line, repair with a new section of HDPE pipe, inspect and backfill. This process can be completed within one day but is more intrusive then our trenchless services.

Our Price Matching Commitment

Fourwest belives in providing industry leading technology to our customers at a competitive rate. Simply bring us any of our competitors quotes and we will gladly match or beat their prices.


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